Air conditioning, heat pumps, ventilation systems - NORVIK

Air conditioning, heat pumps, ventilation systems - NORVIK

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Air conditioning, heat pumps, ventilation systems - NORVIK

Heat pumps

A heat pump is a device that uses heat from the environment and converts it into heat to heat buildings and domestic hot water. Heat energy is all around us, but at such a low temperature level that a special technology is needed - a heat pump that allows its exploitation, without a major input of additional energy.

With a heat pump we can use heat energy from the following sources:

  • from outside air and
  • surface earth heat.
  • water resources

Example of air / water heat pump installation and consumption monitoring at the Krek customer.
View our example.

Advantages of heating by means of a heat pump

  • use of natural energy sources that do not pollute the environment
  • higher energy efficiency (50-80% more than other heating techniques)
  • lower costs.

Air conditioners

Air conditioners are intended for air conditioning of small and medium-sized rooms and industrial plants. The modern design of the devices adapts to the interior of the office, home, shop or restaurant. We offer models of various capacities and shapes with the function of cooling and heating from established manufacturers: Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Airwell.

We offer a wide selection of air conditioners according to:

  • the place where the device is installed (wall, floor-ceiling, cassette, duct),
  • number of indoor units per individual outdoor unit (monosplit, multisplit systems and VRV units)
  • standard and inverter design

Advantages of inverter technology

Most of the air conditioners in our offer operate on the basis of inverter technology. By infinitely adjusting the speed of the compressor in the range of 30% to 130% of its rated power, it precisely adapts to the current heating or cooling needs on the outlet side of the device. This increases efficiency and achieves better effects with lower power consumption, reaching the desired heating temperature faster than with conventional systems. The room temperature is almost uniform, as the device constantly adapts to the actual heating or cooling needs. The inverter way of adjusting the number of compressor revolutions has many advantages, mainly due to flexibility and comfort, reaching the desired temperature in a very short time, quiet operation, optimal temperature setting and of course economy.

The latest DC inverter technology and the use of environmentally friendly cooling gas R410A, guarantee high efficiency, which even exceeds the requirements for classification in energy class A. The system can operate in heating or cooling mode in the range from 46 ° C to -15 ° C. It is extremely flexible and gives the user the opportunity to keep the room temperature at the same level throughout operation. Due to lower loads and high-performance microprocessor automation, in addition to reducing energy consumption, the service life of the compressor, which is a vital part of the air conditioner or heat pump, is greatly extended.