Mosquito nets, blinds, awnings, pergolas - ZUNTI

Mosquito nets, blinds, awnings, pergolas - ZUNTI

22. 10. 2020 14:13 Mosquito nets, blinds, awnings, pergolas - ZUNTI Slovenija Vir:

Mosquito nets, blinds, awnings, pergolas - ZUNTI


Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets prevent mosquitoes and other nasty insects from entering our homes. We offer mosquito nets that can be installed independently or in combination with all types of outdoor blinds, under insulation or visibly. The components of the mosquito net are made of extruded powder-coated aluminum that is maintenance-free. We offer mosquito nets in all RAL colors, in various wood imitations and other structural colors. The mosquito net is made of fiberglass, which is protected by PVC UV resistant mass (gray, black, (). At Zunti, we offer a large selection of roller mosquito nets for windows and doors. Zunti, in its rich offer of mosquito nets, also offers plush, wing, fixed, ZIP and concealed mosquito nets in almost all of the previously mentioned designs.


At Zunti, we offer a variety of awning models, from basic cassette-free to cassette awnings. Operation can be manual or electric. For greater safety and automatic operation, we offer you various options, so you can equip the awning with various control systems such as wind and sun sensor. These systems allow the awning to be operated automatically according to the current weather conditions.
You can also choose from different types of canvas. We offer acrylic canvases in a wide range of colors and protective coatings. Awning sheets can have a self-cleaning coating, increased protection from the sun and the development of mold.

To choose the optimal protection of your balcony or terrace, contact us and we will be happy to help you..


We also offer indoor and outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds with installation in front of glass surfaces allow the filtering of light, heat or a combined effect of both, as they prevent overheating of the interior and thus also reduce the energy for cooling the interior in the warmer months.

External blinds can be operated with a control chain, monocommand or via an electric motor with a button or remote control.


Whether it’s just a cool shade in the summer, protection from the rain or defying all weather conditions, in search of the ideal solution for your comfort, Zunti offers you a varied sales program of pergolas and their variations, which will add aesthetic touch to your home and awaken in yourself a new admiration for your living space.


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